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Nitrocosm Studios

The Portfolio of Troy McQuinn

Full-stack PHP and Node.js Web Development

Multimedia, Illustration, and Graphic Design


I am a web developer and graphic designer with the following skills:
  • 10+ years PHP coding / application design experience
  • Node.js and express framework implementation
  • MySQL Database design and normalization
  • Javascript / jQuery UI customization
  • Advanced CSS based web design
  • 15+ Experience with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Flash animation and Actionscript
  • Illustration and multimedia production
My past experience includes:
  • Large XML ingestion / data manipulation
  • AJAX-based web UI for admin tools
  • Responsive design for desktop and mobile platforms
  • Creating custom PHP application frameworks
  • Building Node.js applications
  • Maintaining a library of custom code classes including database abstraction
  • Multimedia production including commercial video
  • Logo design and marketing illustration
  • Composing theme and background music

Having a wide variety of interests over the years has led me to explore and learn a lot of different skills. Initially being a front-end web developer using basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the late 1990's, creating a dynamic web site to facilitate serving a web comic in 2002 led me to learn PHP.

As the needs of the web comic site evolved, I created custom forums software in PHP in 2005. From there, I began to expand from professional web design to professional web development. By late 2006, I had become a full-time web developer and began expanding my skill set further to learn new programming languages, including Node.js in 2017.

Services Offered

Artwork and Graphic Design Samples

Musicoin Background

Commissioned artwork for a client. Musicoin is a cryptocurrency.

Studio Rendering
Studio Rendering

A 3D concept illustration created using Blender of a home recording studio, complete with sound proofing panels and a set of Roland V-Drums.

Family Caricature Blanket Design
Family Caricature Blanket Design

A client commissioned a cartoon caricature blanket as a Christmas present for their family.

Hovercrane Series
Hovercrane Series

Several versions of a flying car (magnetocraft) modeled and rendered in Sketchup and Blender.

Old House Frame
Old House Frame

This is a digital painting of an abandoned house left to be slowly reclaimed by the elements.

Digital Portrait Painting
Digital Portrait Painting

A portrait of a famous YouTube personality. Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

Kitten Portrait
Kitten Portrait

A digitally-painted portrait of a kitten.